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All meat is priced per pound and weights vary per package.

Flat Iron Steak (1 per package)


Bone-In Ribeye


Hamburger Patties (pack of 4)


Filet (2 per package)


Ribeye Steak (2 per package)


Bone-In Ribeye Steak (2 per package)


T-Bone (1 per package)


NY Strip (2 per package)


Sirloin Steak


Flank Steak (1 per package)


Skirt Steak (1 per package)


Top Round Steak (2 per package)


Chuck Eye (2 per package)


Eye of Round Roast


Sirloin Tip Roast


Top Round Roast


Rump Roast


Shoulder Roast


Boneless Chuck Roast


Minute Steak / Cube Steak


Stew Meat / Kabobs




Short Ribs


Back Ribs


Ground Beef


Ox Tail


Soup Bones with Meat


Cut Marrow Bone (approx. 1" thick)


Knuckle Bones


Rib Bones














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Additional Notes

Meat will be frozen and vacuum sealed. We will deliver to your door for free, within 20 miles of our farm (any overage in mileage beyond that may result in a $.75 per mile charge). Prices are subject to change.


We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions about our beef or would like more information, please let us know!

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